Cucumber Lemon Water

Cucumber Lemon Water is obtained by mixing plain water with Cucumber and Lemon. (full step is described below) Cucumber water is a very tasty and refreshing drink. If you're not drinking enough fluids/water in summer, then you must try some natural-flavored water such as Cucumber water.

You can easily prepare it on home. That's why cucumber water (with Lemon flavor) is my favorite drink of summer. It has various health benefits too. It doesn't contain any significant calorie but it has lots of minerals. Cucumber water is a natural diuretic, Lemon is good for your digesting tract, so, the cucumber and lemon combination acts as a natural detox diet.

How to prepare Cucumber Lemon Water ?

What do you need ?

  • 1 Cucumber
  • 1 Lemon
  • a pitcher

A simply way of preparing Cucumber Lemon Water

step 1. Cut the cucumber into thin slices

step 2. Cut the Lemon into thin slices/chunks

step 3. Put the cucumber and lemon slices into a pitcher full of water

step 4. Close the pitcher and shake it well (you can squeze it a bit or use a blender and filter out the cucumber water)

step 5. Now, put it in fridge for an hour or two or whole night.

Note : You can add some honey or sugar for a little sweetness.

Watch a video on preparing cucumber lemon water

That's All, now you can enjoy the cool refreshing - Cucumber Lemon Drink, Additionally, you can add ice cubes or other flavours such as mint leaves or ginger to make it more delicious. (it's purely optional, it's already very delicious, just a thought)

Enjoy :)